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Bible Engagement Basics

About the Book

Do Christians really know what the Bible is and the difference it can make in their lives? 
Are Christians being equipped to dynamically connect with God’s Word? Is the Bible being read as God intended? According to Bible engagement advocate, Dr. Lawson Murray, the answer is no. He says, “Most Christians are unsure about how they should interact with the Bible. They’re confused about what it is, how to read it, and how to apply it to their lives.” 

Vision for Bible Engagement Basics
“The vision for this book is not to help more people read the Bible,” says Murray. “The fact that only 2 out of 10 Christians will read the Bible from cover to cover isn’t really the problem. The real problem is relational - people aren’t connecting with Jesus. That’s why this book’s about learning how to engage with the Bible in order to meet with Jesus and live in harmony with His Story.”

So who is this book for? 
It’s for Christians who identify that Bible reading alone is not enough. “This is the book I’ve been looking for ... but couldn’t find,” says Phil Collins, Executive Director at the Taylor Center for Scripture Engagement. “The book is full of clear and practical suggestions, encouragement and resources that can help any and all Bible engagers meet God in His Word.”


What Christian leaders are saying about Bible Engagement Basics 

In a culture that speaks in story and image, here is an invaluable resource for moving the minds and hearts of your people from the Bible as The Word in words to the Bible as The Word in story, from the greatest story never told, or half told, or partially told, to The Greatest Story EVER Told.   - Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor (Tabor College, Portland Seminary, Drew University), and founder and chief contributor to

There is nothing more critical to Christian growth than learning to engage with the Bible. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a comprehensive approach to doing just that. May God use this book to point many to The Book.
- Janet Pope, author, speaker and blogger.

Whether you are finding for the first time the riches found within the Bible, or you are a seasoned teacher of the Bible, Lawson’s book offers guideposts to going deeper. These guideposts are practical, encouraging and grounded in the experience of one who loves God and His living Word. - Mark Forshaw, Chair, Forum of Bible Agencies - North America. 


About the Author

Lawson Murray is a Bible engagement advocate, ministry innovator, researcher, author of the bestselling children's series Bible Beginners, managing editor for the daily online Bible reading guide theStory™, culture and children's ministry consultant, conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer and team leader for the Canadian Bible Engagement Study. He has served as a teacher, pastor, church planter, children/youth evangelist and sports ministry specialist. His doctoral thesis focused on Bible engagement in Canada and he publishes bi-weekly articles on Bible engagement in the jumpintotheword blog.
Lawson is the President of Scripture Union Canada, a multi-media hub of resources and real life experiences connecting children, youth and families with Jesus and His Story. He is also the National Director of SGM Canada, an agency that loves to create opportunities for the Bible's life words to be shared and lived out.

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Bible Engagement Basics

Principles, practices and paradigms to strengthen our connection with God's Story


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