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SU camps are an excellent venue to share the love of Christ with your church’s community.  SU offers a comprehensive program with everything you need to run a camp – administration, promotions, programming, and follow up. 

SU can either help you run the camp, or provide the resources you need to do it yourself.  SU’s resources ensure that the purpose of the camp, outreach, doesn’t get lost in all the little details. 

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SU will send your church a team of trained leaders that will work alongside your volunteers to run a camp.  The leaders will have the entire program prepared and bring the necessary equipment.       

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SU will send your church all the planning, programming, and camp resources necessary to lead a great week-long sports camp.                

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Programs offered:

1) SU Sportz Camps

Participants learn core skills in soccer, basketball, and ball hockey.  As they develop skills, they also learn essential values based on Biblical truths.  The values remind the children who God is, how important they are to God, and ultimately, how to Join God’s Team. 

2) KidsGames

KidsGames uses experiential learning to help children discover who God is while having TONS of fun.  This flexible program can be run in a church, with several churches, or with an entire community.  Cities across the globe come together each year to host their own KidsGames.  

3) Dramatic Arts Camps NEW

Participants learn core skills in singing and rhythm, acting and choreography.  As they develop skills, they also learn essential values based on Biblical truths.  By the end of the week participants will be ready to preform a show that includes all the skills they learnt.

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