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it's super easy for you to connect your community with Jesus and his story!

Partner with SU to run a summer sports camp. All you need to do is find a facility (your church usally works!), promote the camp, and recruit volunteers - SU will do the rest!

Easy to plan

  • Game Plan is our easy to follow planning guide. It provides details and step by step instructions.
  • Camp Resources such as registration forms or spreadsheets are all provided in digital form.
  • Camp Specialists from SU will connect with you throughout the process to ensure you are on track.

Easy to promote

  • Camp Poster, Brochure and Flyer templates are provided and easy to customize.
  • SU Camps Website is an added perk of running a camp with SU. It will list your camp, enable campers to register online and provides detailed information for parents. Check it out here

Easy to recruit and equip volunteers

  • Volunteers are essential for a successful camp! SU makes it easy for you to recruit volunteers with our Volunteer Roles and Application handout, plus tips for recruitment.
  • Volunteer Training is part of the package. Use our online resources to train your volunteers in: Being Leaders, Making Camp Fun, Thinking Like a Child, Sharing Our Faith and Including Every Child.
  • Engage New Volunteers. You’ll likely notice more men and youth volunteer for sports camp than a typical VBS. #Bonus.

Easy to run

  • SU Interns run your camp. These highly trained university students bring their Christian faith, energy, passion and coaching skills to each camp.
  • Working together is key. SU interns are trained to lead all the programs and will engage your volunteer team in a meaningful way. It is a true team effort.
  • You can focus on building relationships with your community while our team takes care of the details.

Connect with us

Pricing is $110 a camper.

Every camper gets a T-Shirt, Water Bottle, Bible and Camper Playbook.

Learn more by contacting SU today!