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partnering with churches to run recreational sports camps for children.

Why SU camps?

Great programming

SU Camps are fun! Specific methodologies have been developed for coaching and Bible sessions to ensure campers get the most out of camp!



The majority of children who attend SU camps are unchurched. Every child receives a New Testament, learns how to use it, and is invited to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


SU provides all the resources you need to organize, promote, implement and do camp follow up. We can even send staff with all the sports equipment you’ll need!



SU makes camps accessible for children with special needs. Careful attention and support is available when required through the Every Kid Camp option.

Invests in Volunteers

A successful camp depends on your volunteers! Equip your volunteers using the SU video training or invite an SU trainer to conduct dynamic interactive practical workshops. Training enables volunteers to not just run a successful camp, but to engage with campers meaningfully.



SU has been connecting children with Jesus and His Story for more than 130 years. SU sports camps have been running successfully since 2005.

Camp options


You do it! Everything your church needs to run a recreational multi-sports camp! Includes: planning resources, volunteer training, coaching manuals (soccer, basketball, ball hockey), devotions manual, games manual and support services.  $199.99 (plus tax).

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We help you do it! Let SU run your camp! Invite a team of 4 energetic trained interns to come alongside your volunteer team and run a week-long camp your community won’t forget! Camp costs average $110 a camper, contact SU for details and availability.

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A typical week at camp

SU camps typically run 9:00 AM -3:00PM for 5 consecutive days (with the option of extended hours).  Campers play games, rotate between 3 sports, read the Bible, and discover Jesus. 


  • Attracts a new demographic of campers
  • Naturally connects people
  • Demonstrates the value of teamwork
  • Encourages perseverance and discipline
  • Relates well to a campers spiritual journey
  • Watch the video below for why SU promotes sports camps as an excellent means for evangelism.
  • Development of skills using IDEA (Introduce, Demonstrate, Explain, Ask) methodology
  • Ensures every learning style is engaged
  • Reinforces skills through practices and scrimmages
  • Utilizes games, drills and fun activities to hone new skills
  • Appeals to a wider audience
  • Leads to better overall skills development
  • Keeps activities fresh
If your child is under the age of 13, most experts believe it is crucial to participate in more than one sport

John O'Sullivan

Bible time

Every camper is given a New Testament and gets to use it every day! At the end of the week campers also receive a Camper Playbook. The Camper Playbook is a Bible guide through one of the 4 Gospels, so that campers can continue learning more about Jesus long after camp ends!

Big Group: Dramas, monologues, or experiential activities are used to introduce the theme and get camper's orientated for the Small Group discussion time. 

Small Groups: Tailored for two different age groups (6-8 and 9-12). The SU Bible Reading Method is used to facilitate reflection, discussion and life application.

The majority of children at SU Camps are unchurched and so the devotions are carefully structured to introduce children to Jesus.

Monday – His Birth

Tuesday – His Life

Wednesday – His Death

Thursday – His Resurrection

Friday – Following Him

“Every Kid Camp” exists to make sure camps are welcoming for children with all types of abilities. In fact the AODA Act (Jan 2012) legally requires all organizations who provide services to the public to be accessible to persons of all ability levels. This does not mean you must provide special programs tailored to children with special needs, but it does mean that they should be able to attend camp like anyone else. SU camps facilitate every kid attending camp. SU staff and interns are trained in inclusion and specialized training can be provided to equip your volunteers to welcome every child!

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