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theStory Book Studies emphasizes the biblical narrative, connects our stories with God's Story, involves a distinctive collaboration of world class writers, and is read by a trans-denominational global audience.

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Current Book Study: Luke
Upcoming Book Study: Ecclesiastes

What does theStory Book Studies look like?

Each day you'll receive an email with a Scripture reading from the NIV and a reflection on the text that enables you to journey through a whole book of the Bible, one book at a time.

Readings/reflections are published every Monday - Saturday. Sunday is a catch up day which includes a review of the week with additional thoughts and questions. 


Read, Reflect, Respond, Remember

theStory is divided into four sections. 

Read offers the complete Scripture text in NIV. 

Reflect on the commentary and life application points based on the Scripture.

Respond by prayerfully reacting to the text.

Remember by storing a key text in your heart.

Why is it free?

Scripture Union Canada is your Bible engagement partner.  We want to make it easy for everyone to read, understand and live out God's Word. theStory is completely free as we strive to help you encounter God through His Word.  If you appreciate this Bible guide a donation to the project would be greatly appreciated here.



"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for ‘the Story’. I’ve always had great difficulty in managing to have regular quiet times.  And now all has changed.  Since the start of the month my i-pad (and other computers) have been getting the daily reading and notes.  I haven’t missed a day. I have found the translation fresh and helpful  and the notes and prayer uplifting.  A big thank you." - theStory Reader



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theStory Book Studies