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Invite a trainer to lead workshops in Children’s Ministry, Sports Ministry, Team Building or Bible Engagement.

Great for denomination training days, equipping your church volunteers, or team building.

Sessions offered

Sharing the Gospel

Many of us know what we believe, but fumble for words when someone asks us about Jesus. This session takes a look at some key principles for sharing our faith.

Great for adults, youth, children’s ministry workers or children.


Journeys of faith

Everyone is on a journey of faith.  Believing (conversion), belonging (to a body of believers) and becoming (more like Christ).  How can we help children in our church take a step forward in their journey of faith.

Great for adults, youth, and children’s ministry workers.

How children and young people learn

Standing in front of a group of children and reading off the lesson isn’t going to cut it! As leaders we should inspire children, actively involve them in learning, recognize different learning styles, and realize that it is okay to have an awkward *pause* before children respond to our questions (they need time to process!).

Great for youth and children’s ministry workers.


Answering kids big questions

Kids ask many great questions.  How we respond to their questions is important!  What are some key steps to take in response to a big question? Hint: our first response isn’t to answer it!  In addition to going through how to answer questions, we look at the 7 key themes most questions fall under (in a church setting) and how we can answer them Biblically. 

Great for children’s ministry workers.

Leading children

How you connect with the children is key.  A good leader knows how to engage, excite and encourage children so that they want to be a part of the session.  Engage – building relationships.  Excite – bringing hype (even if you’re not a “hype” person).  Encourage – good behaviour and discipline. 

Great for children’s ministry workers.


The Big Bible Story

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is filled with great stories! Together, we examine the Bible timeline (broken down into easy-to-remember themes) and consider how we fit into God’s Big Story!

Great for all ages.

Read. Pray. Love

Our lives, churches and communities have the ability to be transformed when we spend more time in the Word. Come discover ways to make your Bible reading more meaningful and how it can change your life, church, and ministry group.  All participants will leave with a Bible Guide.

Great for all ages.


Kids can read the Bible too!

The children at your church can each have their own Bible, bring it every Sunday and read the Bible story straight from the Word! Discover how to help children learn to use their Bible, understand it and apply it to their lives! 

Great for children’s ministry workers and parents.

Discipling children

Understanding what it means to disciple children and why it is vital for the health, growth and maturity of the church.

Great for children’s ministry workers and parents.


Learning through games

Discover how to use experiential learning in your ministry. Teaches you what experiential learning is, what is the learning process, how to run and design your own experiential learning session.

Great for youth and children’s ministry workers.

Team Building

Strengthen your youth group, church board or ministry volunteers with a fun, team building session. A series of activities will focus on improving team communication, trust and collaboration. The session will work through Scripture passages that address teamwork.

Great for youth groups and ministry teams.



Looking at different disabilities such as: physical, mental, developmental, intellectual, learning/processing and long term disabilities. Understanding how we can be sensitive, inclusive and supportive of those with disabilities and break down any barriers that may prevent them from attending our church or being involved in children’s ministry.

Great for Sunday School teachers, camp volunteers and more.

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