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Our staff are ready to lead the children at your church retreat or camp!

Invite SU to come and connect your children with Jesus and His Story.

What does it look like?

When your church meets for a time of worship and learning the SU team will use the KidsGames format to lead the children in worship and Bible study (packed with lots of games!). The children will:

  • Sing, dance and do the actions to some of today’s hottest children’s worship songs along with some great Sunday School classics.
  • Encounter Jesus through experiential learning (learning through games).
  • Engage with the Bible through creative discovery and object lessons.
  • SK – Grade 6: The programming is designed to include every child in your church.
  • Bible Time: Every camper is given a New Testament and learns how to use it during our Bible sessions.

Past themes have included

  • Fruit of the Spirit (Down and Out)
  • Joshua (GPS: God’s Power System)
  • Paul’s Journey (Complete Victory)
  • The Life of Joseph

Connect with us

Cost depends on number of staff, number of campers, number of sessions and length of retreat. Please contact SU for more information.