Christmas Bible Readings for the Family

Christmas Bible readings were a tradition every Christmas morning. 

What does Christmas morning look like in your home? 

My cousins would tell me stories of waking up really early on Christmas morning. They’d run downstairs to discover a room filled with presents that they would tear open before their parents even got downstairs.

That never happened in our home. We had to wait for my dad to make his coffee and then sit down with his big Bible. My parents would read the Bible story to us aloud, and as we got old enough to read we would be assigned parts as well. Then we would pray – and my dad would make it as long as possible (or so it felt) – in fact, he still does!

I have always valued this tradition. While it was hard to wait, I’m thankful my parents kept Jesus and His Word the center of Christmas. When my children were born this was an important tradition I wanted to keep. I now have pictures from each year of my husband reading the Christmas story to my son, as our little boy is eyeing the gifts waiting under the tree.


Reading the Christmas Story Together


Children are never too young to read the Bible. Narratives, like the Christmas story, are great to read aloud to your children. I like to start by reminding my children that this is a true story that happened a long time ago! Reading with excitement and pausing in some places to ask them “what do you think happens next” keeps children engaged and curious.

Here are some Christmas passages to read this Christmas:

Illustrated Christmas Books For Children Under $5


Here are some well-loved Christmas story books. They’re based on Scripture and they are all under $5!

Christmas Ornaments ($2.95)– these sit on the tree like an ornament and tell the Christmas story from a character’s perspective. Beautifully illustrated, short reads that decorate your tree. My daughter loves to pull them off the branches of our tree regularly and brings them to me for storytime. Take a Look

Christmas Bible Storybook ($4.95) – my preschooler loves this little series. Fun pictures and a simple retelling of the Christmas story. Take a Look

Christmas Family Time ($4.95)– this colourful little book is filled with activities and Bible readings for families to do in the days leading up to Christmas.  It has fun activities that help children enter into the Christmas story like asking every family member what their first bed was and comparing it to Jesus’ first bed. Take a Look

Christmas Alphabet ($4.95) – Discover the Christmas story from A to Z with sweet couplets and a “find the ___” activity for every page! Take a Look

Whatever your Christmas traditions may be, we hope that at some point you are opening the Bible as a family and reading the Christmas story together! Make Christmas Bible reading your family tradition.

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