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Getting your congregation connected with God’s Word is essential for spiritual health and growth. That’s why improving Bible engagement should be your top priority.

The Bible is the most powerful catalyst for spiritual growth

To make church Bible engagement stronger, preaching about it isn’t enough. Congregations need to be taught the practical basics of Bible engagement of interpreting, contemplating, journaling, studying, memorising, praying and obeying God’s Word. They need seminars and workshops to learn these essential practices, they need resources to help them practice the skills.

Scripture Union helps equip and strengthen local church ministry with informative articles for pastors and leaders, children’s ministry training, Bible engagement workshops and resources.

Jump Into the Word

Dr. Lawson Murray began writing this Bible Engagement Blog to encourage pastors to better equip their congregations to read, reflect, respond and remember God’s Word.  

Children's Ministry Basics

Children’s Ministry Basics is a blog about children’s ministry with the firm belief that good theology leads to good practice. The articles are far-ranging in scope, yet narrowly focused on Jesus and his deep love for children.


A free daily Bible reading guide that emphasizes the biblical narrative, connects our stories with God’s Story, involves a distinctive partnership and collaboration of world class writers, and is read by a trans-denominational global audience.

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We want to see more Canadians connecting with Jesus and His Story. Let’s partner together to see that happen.

Dr. Lawson Murray


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