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83% of children and youth in Canada don’t attend church

On a hot summer day, Laura* (a recent immigrant who was sponsored) attended her first SU sports camp. After playing games and sports she sat down with the group for Bible-time.

Laura had never read a Bible before, and no one had ever shared the Gospel with her. She asked many good questions and then decided to pray and join Jesus’ Team.

When playing with the SU Coaches and church volunteers at the end of the day, Laura exclaimed “I have never felt so loved before!”

That day Laura left a changed person! She went home with great excitement holding her new Bible and Bible guide and looking forward to when she could see her new friends from the local church.

SU connects Canadians with Jesus and His Story. Changing lives like Laura is made possible because of support from people like you!

*Name Changed

A Note From Shirley

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Shirley Kingston

Director of Finance and Operations

Shirley Kingston, Director of Finance and Operations

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