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Discipleship at home matters. Discover resources, training and thinking about family ministry.

Parents need to be the driving force in the faith formation of their children.

So how do parents step up to disciple their children and engage them purposely? And how do pastors, teachers and others help awaken parents to this role?

Faith formation is a 24/7 process of being formed, transformed, and conformed to be like Jesus. Because it’s a lifelong pursuit, it can’t be scheduled or compartmentalized. Reducing it to a church program or a curriculum for a family to work on at home is inadequate. Faith formation should be a pulse in the happenings of everyday life.

Help parents disciple children at home by encouraging and equipping them. We want to help your church with family ministry.

Children's Ministry Basics

What is family ministry? How can church leaders help parents disciple their children at home? 

This blog is written for church leaders to help your church consider family ministry.

Family Ministry Videos

Discover free videos to share with parents in your church that will encourage and equip them to disciple children at home.

Family Ministry Resources

Family Ministry Resources

Bible reading guides for all ages, family Bible activities, free resources and more is all available in our shop.

Hands down, the family circle is the best conductor for faith formation! 

Dr. Lawson Murray, President

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