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SU has a variety of Bible guides to help you read, reflect and respond to God’s Word. 

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Read, reflect and respond to God's Word.

If you’re ready to start reading the Bible daily, or improve your daily Bible time, check out our Bible guides.

  • Work through the Bible methodically 
  • A proven Bible reading method
  • Reflections to help you understand the Bible reading in context.
  • Prompts to help you consider how to apply the reading to your life.

Comparing Bible Guides

Use the table below, or take our quiz, to discover which of our subscription-based Bible guides is best for you! 

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Daily Bread Bible Guide

Daily Bread

Daily Bread answers the question, “What does this mean to me?” It is written for a general audience who want to better understand and apply God’s Word to their lives.

Annual Subscriptions. Print book (spiral bound) mailed to you quarterly.

 $11/quarter (billed annually)

*Discount available for multiple years and for new subscribers


Available in Chinese (prepared by SU Hong Kong)

Encounter With God Bible Guide

Encounter With God

Encounter With God takes a deeper look at the Scripture passages and explores contemporary issues. It is written with church leaders in mind and often addresses leadership issues.

Annual Subscriptions. Print book (spiral bound) mailed to you quarterly.

 $11/quarter (billed annually)

*Discount available for multiple years and for new subscribers


Computer displaying theStory Bible Guide


theStory is a Bible guide by Canadians for Canadians. It sees Genesis to Revelation as the story of how God has created, sustained and redeemed the world. Every reflection observes not only the immediate context, but also its place in the big story.

Email subscription delivered to your inbox each morning.


(donations appreciated)

It’s on your computer so you adjust the font size.

All past theStory reflections and book studies are available. 

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Bible Reading Guides

for the whole family

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Bible Reading Guides are Printed in Canada

Proudly Canadian

Our Bible guides, Encounter with God and Daily Bread are edited by a team of Canadians.

They’re printed in Pickering, Ontario by a small family-owned print shop. 

Canada Post delivers all SU Bible guides in Canada. 

Daily Bread for New Christians
Daily Bread for New Christians

A Strong Start

When you’ve just become a Christian, you’re faced with all sorts of questions, such as, ‘What does it mean to “follow Jesus”?’, ‘Why read the Bible?’, How do I forgive others?’ and ‘How do I pray?’. Daily Bread for New Christians is designed to help you find the answers to your questions.

Bible Reading Guides For Children and Youth

Kids Can Read The Bible Too!

We have daily Bible reading guides for children starting at age 6. Children will learn how to read, reflect and respond to God’s Word with these beautifully designed books. Plus, every Bible reading guide subscription means your child will join our Kidz Club which includes a quarterly newsletter and special surprise once a year!

A Note From Our Team

I’ve been using SU Bible guides for many years. If you’re looking to make your daily Bible time more meaningful it’s a great investment! If you have any questions we’d love to answer them! Send us a note below and we’ll get right back to you!

Amy Csoke

Communications and Promotions Manager

Amy Csoke, Promotions and Communications

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