Camp Planning Resources

Everything you need to plan your SU Camp

Welcome 2024 Camp Partners!

You’ve found your resource page! 

We’re working on updating this page right now! It will be updated and ready very soon.

On this page you will find everything you need to run your camp. Watch the video to hear from our Sports Ministry Coordinator (Sydney Pierce).

Here are the 3 things we need first from you:

  1. Contract + Deposit
  2. Camp Information Form
  3. Insurance

Don’t forget that all our camps are inclusive! Learn more about Every Kid Camp below.

The SU Sports Website is designed for parents of campers. They can find camp locations, registration and get answers to their questions. 

Planning Manual

Read this manual first! We know there’s lots of pages, but it is a quick read and SUPER helpful! 

The Manual is divided into sections that correspond to your planning journey – but please read through the entire Manual first!

2024 Camp Gospel Message

A Note from Sydney

If you have any questions, or can’t find something, please send me an email! 

Sydney Pierce

Sports Ministry Coordinator


Email us or submit this form (please note it is for Sydney) and she’ll get right back to you.