Dad and Lad Podcast

Dr. Lawson Murray and his son, Jonathan discuss faith formation at home and at church. Listen as this dad and lad discuss Children’s Ministry, Family Ministry, Faith Formation at Home and how to connect children (and families) with Jesus and His Story.

How do we connect children and families with Jesus and His Story?

Dr. Lawson Murray sits down with his son, Jonathan Murray (father of 2 young children) to discuss parenting, children’s ministry, family ministry, life and faith. 

If you’re a parent with a desire for your child to know Jesus Christ and have wondered “what can I do to give my child a lasting faith” this is for you.

If you’re a children’s ministry leader wondering “how can I better support and encourage the families in my congregation for faith formation at home” this is for you. 

Listen in as dad and lad unpack what the Bible says about parenting, how to raise our children in the faith and what family ministry can (and should) look like here in Canada. 

Episodes Season 1

What is Christian Grandparenting and what role do grandparents play in their grandchildren's lives

What is Christian Grandparenting?

Episode 1 (April 3)

In this first episode of the Dad and Lad podcast we will be looking at the seemingly overlooked but vital role grandparents have in the faith formation of children. 

What is Christian Parenting? How do we raise our children to know Jesus and have a lifelong faith.

What is Christian Parenting? Part 1

Episode 2 (April 11)

In this episode we will explore a big question with big implications. We will also contrast this question with what is secular parenting?

In this continuation podcast episode we will be going more in depth into the practical ways parents can live out their calling to raise children to know and love Jesus! episode 2

What is Christian Parenting? Part 2

Episode 3 (April 17)

In this continuation episode we will be going more in depth into the practical ways parents can live out their calling to raise children to know and love Jesus!

What is a Christian Family? Part 1

Episode 4

A Christian Family is meant to be a “Discipleship Centre.” In this episode we explore how families are called to model and teach the next generation about who God is!

What Is A Christian Family? Part 2

Episode 5

In this continuation episode we look at how families are meant to be interconnected and how the Church needs to serve as a ministry of families to families!

What is children's ministry podcast. Children's ministry in Canada

What is Children's Ministry? Part 1

Episode 6

In this episode we explore a definition of children’s ministry. We consider how ministry needs to be seen as a process and needs to prioritize people (children in this case), over programs.

What is children's ministry? The second podcast about children's ministry and what children's ministry should look like by Scripture Union Canada

What is Children's Ministry? Part 2

Episode 7

What does God’s Word have to say about children’s ministry? As we look at this question in detail, we unpack theologically some of the core foundations of what it means to effectively minister to children.

Becoming Intergenerational!

Episode 8

In this final episode we will emphasize the need for churches to “become more intergenerational.” From grandparents to children, and everyone in between.

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