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Description: This will provide information/overview on the ministry – for example, sports ministry will explain why sports are a wonderful tool to connect with communities for evangelism and discipleship.

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Jump Into the Word

A blog written by one of the world’s leading Bible engagement experts to help pastors, church leaders and others deepen their understanding of Bible engagement and equip faith communities to effectively read, reflect and respond to God’s Word. It includes a library of +200 comprehensive articles on the principles, practices and paradigms of Bible engagement.


A free online daily Bible reading guide.

Children's Ministry Basics

A monthly blog about ministry to children anywhere and everywhere. The articles are far ranging in scope, yet narrowly focused on Jesus and His love for children. Applicable for children’s ministry @church and family ministry @home.

A nice note from whoever is responsible for the ministries OR perhaps a roll of related ministry resources from our shop. 

Dr. Lawson Murray, President

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