What is the best Bible translation?

What is the best Bible translation?


What Bible translation do you read? Do you stick to just one, or do you have a few you use to read the Bible?

Some people haven’t given much thought about what translation they read, while others are very intentional and have strong opinions one way or another.


Is there a best Bible translation?

Personally, I don’t think preferences for one Bible version or another are that important! In fact, it saddens me deeply that there are churches and Christians who will not associate with other churches and Christians because they don’t use the version they use. Shame on us!

I find it hard to believe that God authorizes or favours one version of His Word over another.


What matters the most

Arguments about what may or may not be the best version of the Bible are distractions and diversions. Far more important than what Bible we may read is this: Are we meeting God in and through His Word? Are we entering into His Story and finding our part in the drama of salvation? And are we seeing His Word shape and mold us to be more like Him?


That’s not to say that all English versions are equal. All of them are translations from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. Because all English Bibles are translations, they have limitations.

Weak and Strong Bible Translations

The reality is that even a so-called “weak” translation may, in parts, be better than a “strong” translation. And more, let’s note that both “weak” and “strong” Bible translations, compared to other books, have usually been scrupulously researched, subjected to painstaking textual criticism, and assembled by outstanding scholars.


The Best Bible translation is the one that gets read.

So what is the best English version of the Bible? The one that gets read! When we read the Bible, be it a “weak” or “strong” translation, let’s remember the Bible is more than words. God is not limited by one version or another. When we read the version in our hands, the Holy Spirit can and will lead us to God, incarnate truth, and breathe life into us.


Scripture Union Bible reading guides allow you to use any translation that you prefer and help you read, reflect and respond to God’s Word daily. Find your Bible guide.


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