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Work through the Bible one book at a time with our digital Bible guide. Written by Canadians, for Canadians.

a free digital bible guide By Canadians. For Canadians.


If you’re looking for a free daily Bible reading guide that emphasizes the biblical narrative, connects our stories with God’s Story, and shows up in your inbox each morning – theStory is for you!  theStory involves a unique partnership and collaboration of Canadian writers (with a fantastic editor pulling it all together) and has been ongoing since 2012.

Each week finishes with reflection questions that will help you process what you’ve read and a memory verse to help you remember God’s Word.

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Daily Emails

Wake up to a new Bible reflection from theStory in your inbox each morning. 

Work through the Bible one book at a time with a short, fresh Bible reading and reflection each day. Easily forward it on to a friend or share it on social media to encourage others as well. 

Each email contains the Bible passage for the day, a reflection, response and weekly memory verse. Each week concludes with weekly review questions to help you revisit passages and journal (or discuss with your small group).


Reading through the Bible one book at a time is helpful in better understanding the style of the book, the purpose, themes, and whole narrative.

theStory Book Studies eBooks help you work through one book of the Bible at a time.

Choose which book(s) of the Bible you would like to choose and download it to your device. A great resource for those wanting to do a deeper book study at their own pace, with a Canadian perspective.

With weekly reflection questions, memory verses, and a desire to help you connect your story with God’s big story – you’ll find yourself encouraged and challenged by each day’s reflection.


1124 Old Testament Reflections, 702 New Testament Reflections available for you.

Our past reflections are available for free and sorted by books of the Bible or by the writer. If you’re looking for inspiration for a Bible study or wanting to dig deeper into a Bible verse, visit our archive. 

A Note From theStory's Editor

TheStory sees the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation as the story of how God, in Jesus Christ, has created, sustained and redeemed the world. 

Annabel Robinson

theStory Editor, SU Publications Manager

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